Livingston Research Group – the global education technology company. Our mission is to provide students with personal education support enabled by technology. We are connecting tens of thousands of students with freelancers around the world to provide help and support with any homework issues.

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You can freely express your opinions here, give your suggestions and feedback. People are super open and will gladly take it on board. It's a part of our values - being super transparent.
When I joined the marketing team it was just the four of us including the co-founder. Since then the team has grown a lot, but what I like the most is that we preserved a very Informal working environment and a strong culture of openness and innovation.
I joined Livingston Research almost since the launch of the company and since then tried myself in multitude of roles. What keeps me here is that we always set super ambitious goals and kind of support that you receive from everyone here!
People is what matters most for me and I absolutely love the guys here at Livingston. We have coped with a lot of challenges, tons of requests, crazy amount of shifts and came out as an extremely tight and friendly team.
Livingston Research has always been about the people — their great ideas, passion, courage to explore new paths, all united by the shared goal to make an impact. We believe that diversity and willingness to learn from each other is what really defines our team.

We have high-achiever values and result oriented culture. We believe there is no such a thing as an impossible task– there is always a way to achieve a great result.
We bring together the best people
Values that we share
Don't follow the crowd.
Each of us has own opinions and stands up for personal beliefs. We work as a team, but we are not afraid to speak out our opinions and put them to work.
Own your work.
Every family member is treated as a business partner. The sense of ownership is transmitted through the feeling of being result-driven and responsible for your actions. Be your own boss - own the result.
Aim high and nail it.
Enough is not enough for us. We are constantly looking for a better way to deal with tasks and strive to be innovative in our approaches and methods on how we deliver results.
Be transparent.
We openly share information with each other, celebrate our victories and support each other during the setbacks. It is reflected by the merit-based reward system, open feedback both top to bottom and bottom-up levels, communication of business goals.
Empower your talent.
People are the greatest asset for us. As a company, we contribute daily to have an environment where talents evolve with confidence. We empower your talent by extending your zone of responsibilities as you are ready to manage it.
Take a peek inside Livingston Research office
Comfortable office in the heart of Kyiv, Ukraine
We focus our decisions on data. Everything we do has business sense and customer value. Our small and big victories are always based on data. In the development of new products we rely on data. Every idea has to be validated. Most of the time we collect data, analyze data, experiment, validate our hypothesis. And in the end we deliver awesome products to our clients.
Datadriven company
Livingston Research gives you the opportunity to grow within a fast-paced, progressive international company. We have tailored personal and team education and training programs. Launched unique onboarding system, which combines online and offline education. Provide regular personal development sessions with founders and senior managers. We take care about every employee with help of personized education plan. And, more than that, our supportive team members always ready to give you a hand.
Always Learning
It all starts with hiring process where we only invite the top 1% of people who share our values. Once you are in, it is all about bringing the best out of you. The formula we use is simple: we create comfortable environment, give personalized support, provide professional challenges at the workplace.

Here you have transparent career paths and ability to shift between different teams and roles. As company is always growing and because of new market demands, we regularly have new positions opened and ask our employees first whether they are interested. So, there is no way that you work more than a year and haven't tried something new.
Supportive team members
Join the team
As a true start-up we work in a very fast-paced environment and informal atmosphere, on the other hand, we have a clear vision, long-term goals and resources that one doesn't normally find in a young and growing company.
To help us grow at even faster pace we are looking for motivated people with creative energy and 'let's get shit done' attitude to join our Team.
Стати частиною команди
We are looking for passionate and enthusiastic people, who are ready to go above and beyond for the position of a Customer Support Representative.
Livingston Research is looking for a rock-star Product Manager who will own the conversion funnel and constantly work on improving the UX of our product platform for students. Our platform is currently used by thousands of students from the US, Australia and many other countries! Implement a user-centric approach to drive the conversion funnel and user experience on the platform to the new highs and develop the platform on a desktop and mobile web as well as native apps and bots!
We are expanding our ever-growing PPC team to promote our EdTech Products on the US market and globally. A successful person in this role aims high and nails it. Our ideal PPC candidate has good analytical skills and strong attention to details to spot bottlenecks and turn them into success stories.
We are looking for true salesmen, who know how to sell and/or are interested in learning how to win arguments and work with objections and become successful Customer Sales Representatives!