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We at A-Players Recruiting are looking for a Talent Partner to help companies succeed by building top-performing teams and help A-players find companies where their talent is most valued.
As our company is growing bigger, we can’t stop thinking of scaling our human resources team above and beyond and finding a perfect addition to our People Operations squad - a tech-savvy, curious and scrappy Talent Sourcer.
We are looking for an ambitious HR specialist able to support the quantitative and qualitative growth of the company.
After a few years of building a homely working environment in five cities across Ukraine, Beetroot team is looking for a person to continue enriching and developing it in the Kyiv office. To make this happen we need a passionate and talented IT recruiter who is ready for a new adventure. 
Daxx is looking for a talent sourcer with true love for research and passion for communication with people. Location: Kyiv, Dnipro.
Последнее время мы совершаем квантовые скачки в развитии, поэтому одного эйчара нам уже мало. Ищем в будущий HR-отдел junior-рекрутера.