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June 7, 2019

Advisor in the Field of Promotion and Exhibitions at Foundation for support of reforms in Ukraine

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Опубліковано: June 7, 2019
Актуально до: 2019-06-12

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Скоріше за все, ця вакансія закрита, бо вже зробила чиїсь понеділки щасливими. Але не засмучуйтесь - у нас є що вам запропонувати! Подивіться інші відкриті можливості на сайті:

Дивитись вакансії

Non-Governmental Union “Foundation for Support of Reforms in Ukraine” (NGU “FSRU”) with the support of Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH has launched the project “Tasks implementation within the scope of National Export Strategy of Ukraine and sectoral and cross-sectoral strategies”.

Within the Project, the NGU “FSRU” is looking for an Advisor in the Field of Promotion and Exhibitions.

Scope of services
  • Monitoring and collecting information regarding international exhibitions, requirements set to countries/governments and/or businesses for participation in such events;
  • Analyzing possible participants of the exhibitions, their compliance with the given criteria of the exhibitions and other information related to participation in such events;
  • Supporting preparation of the promotional materials, public presentations, events /workshops/seminars/meetings including but not limited to provision of advisory support on exhibitions and other events related to Export Strategy of Ukraine (hereinafter – ESU), ESU subprojects (Sector and Cross-Sector Export Strategies etc;
  • Supporting MEDT, team lead and other team members in preparation and printing of the information materials;
  • Other services that are not directly defined at these Terms of Reference;
  • On-going monitoring of the international events and participation possibilities’ in such events performed and analyzed, recommendations developed;
  • Support in preparation of the promotional materials, public presentations provided; promo/information materials prepared;
  • Support in organization of events/workshops/seminars/meetings (needs based) that are foreseen within the content of ESU and Sector and Cross-sector Export Strategies implementation provided;
  • Activities and tasks delivered as requested;
Preferred Qualifications and Skills
  • At least a Master’s degree in law, economics, international relations, or relevant field;
  • At least 3 years of proven experience in law, public or business administration, trade, SME, consulting;
  • Familiarity with trade policy, the Export strategy of Ukraine and sector and cross-sector strategies;
  • Proven knowledge and professional experience in project management;
  • Strong analytical, communication and presentation skills with the ability to interpret complex legal, commercial and financial information;
  • Experience in high-level negotiations, strong communication, and presentation skills;
  • PC literacy;
  • Excellent command of English and Ukrainian, both written and spoken;
  • Experience in leading multidisciplinary teams is an asset.

Contract Duration: by 31.12.2019
For contracting, a candidate should be able to register Private Entrepreneur of the 3d group.
The closing date for applications (CV with information on the expected fee and level of efforts – full-time, part-time (N of days per month) ): June 12, 2019.

Non-governmental union "Foundation for support of reforms in Ukraine" is an independent, non-governmental union that has been operating since 2015. Our objective and primary goal is to promote the development of Ukraine and improve the material well-being of its citizens by supporting the development and implementation of reforms in Ukraine.
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